Blue Mountains Day Trip from Sydney Australia

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Our Blue Mountains Day Trip from Sydney, Australia

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We are Sandy and Rush and travel far and wide is in our DNA. At whatever point we get a break, we go to places where that make wonderful dependable recollections and Sydney is undoubted probably the best metro city that we voyaged ordinarily.


The city of Sydney has numerous attractions. There are man-made and normal miracles you might be keen on. Visit Opera House and Climb Sydney Court Hanger are the most well known man-made vacationer exercises in Sydney city. In the event that you are searching for a characteristic touring alternative, Blue Mountains visit is an unquestionable requirement in your container list. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Blue Mountains is a significant fascination situated toward the west of Sydney CBD. A drive of 1.30 hours takes you to Katoomba where you get the opportunity to see the hypnotizing perspectives on Three Sisters Blue Mountains.



Blue Mountains is certifiably not another spot for us. Nonetheless, when arranging a Blue Mountains visit from Sydney, our suggestion is to recruit a tour guide with a great deal of involvement about what they do. The long stretches of involvement and number of visitors served, or the quantity of Blue Mountains visits they have directed ought to be thought of. That is the reason we generally pick Sydney Top Tours as our favored visit administrator when we visit Sydney.

We did bucket load of things when we were in Blue Mountains, Sydney. The first was the quick stop at the Glenbrook camper ground to spot some wild kangaroos. There were around 5 to 7 Eastern Gray Kangaroos eating wet grass early in the morning. The next thing we did this tour from Sydney is to visit the Three Sisters Lookout. A selfie from the Queen Elizabeth deck was still in our memories. There were many hikes you can do at the Blue Mountains. But it depends on your physical stability. The easiest bush walk is from The Scenic World to Katoomba cascade.


Above are only few things that we did while we were in the Blue Mountains with limited time availability. However, there are hundards of things that you can do in Blue Mountains as a couple or a family. The are is popular for summer campers. Travleers who wants to watch birds, people who check their strength by abselling. Aprt from that, there are few difficult 4WD tracks if you are an experience fourwheel driver. If you have few more days to spend on this area, you can drive further up in the region to Blackheath and Jenolan caves where you can see some ruins before the gold rush.



We have booked Sydney Top Tours on our previous visit of our Blue Mountains tours and they never disappointed us and my family. Every time, we received authentic and off the usual tourist path experience. The team at Sydney Top Tours honoured to whatever information most interests you and will take you to most interesting places in the Blue Mountains such as Pulpit, Megalong Valley, etc.

As a last note, a Blue Mountains roadtrip is the ideal getaway from bustlin and noisy Sydney; be that as it may, arranging a Blue Mountains schedule isn't a simple assignment as there is such a great amount to see and do. From the perpetual natural life to cascades it's not astounding it's one of the most mainstream roadtrips out of Sydney, so it's fundamental you plan each stop to capitalize on your day. If you are not sure on driving on Sydney roads and navigations, our recommendation is not to do a self drive, rather pay extra and book a tour operator from Sydney to Blue Mountains.

Surely we are planning to visit Sydney as soon as we will be able to book our next annual leave. And do you want to know what's in our bucket list? Is wine, chocolate, and cheese make a temptation? Yes, we are planning to visit the oldest wine region of Australia by a Hunter Valley Tours and do a little bit of sand 4WD by a Port Stephens tours.

Stay in touch and will write to you soon with another adventurous journey of us. Bye for now (Sandy and Rush).




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