Sporty Adventures In Ghana

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Paragliding in Ghana


Ghana has a lot to offer, from culture, heritage, eventful, adventure, and many more. Today we will focus on some adventures Ghana has to offer and the best times of the year to be involved in such adventures.

1.    Zipline: There are few locations in Ghana you can take zipline adventures at, some of these places include, the Kwahu Air Jay, the Buno Park, Safari Lodge. This adventure will help you discover the greatness in you where your adrenalin is put to test. The Kwahu plateau for instance is one of Ghana’s highest peaks and its geographically unique location with amazing features of Ghana where you will have an amazing view over the Afram Plains.


2.    Paragliding: Paragliding is a very growing sport and adventure in Ghana. It is very big during Easter where seasoned pilots from all over the world are invited to Ghana to fly hundreds of people giving them memorable experiences during the famous Kwahu Easter Festival. In the past, there has been another paragliding festival in Ghana during December at the Togo Ranges. Currently, Peaks and Valleys Outdoor provides paragliding adventure on the Kwaku Ranges every weekend making it possible for this adventure to be available throughout the year. In most cases, bookings have to be made in advance confirming if the weather condition is perfect to enable departure.


3.    Caves Hiking: Another adventure available in Ghana is caves hikes. With these adventures, you hike some terrains and explore ancient caves with a fascinating history. A very popular caves hike location in Ghana is the Likpe Tome caves on the Togo Ranges which has six hidden caves as well the Kwahu rock city and caves.


4.    Mountains and Waterfalls Hike.: There is quite a number of waterfalls in Ghana. Though some may not be that popular probably due to their obscure locations they still contribute on their part to the beauty of Ghana which attracts locals as well foreigners traveling from all around the world just to view these marvelous nature's wonders. If you are looking for a very beautiful hike or trek adventure, you can consider a hike from Mountain Afadjato, Ghana’s highest mountain to Wli Waterfalls, West Africa’s highest waterfalls that flows in 2 cascades. You can also hike Ghana’s highest mountain and the twin mountain together with the Tagbo Waterfall or consider hiking West Africa’s highest waterfalls, both the upper falls and lower falls. In these areas, you have options to choose from.


5.    Quad Biking: In Ghana, quad bikes are available in Ghana in the Eastern Region.  You can have a quad biking experience around the Aburi mountains, through local villages, pineapple farms, pawpaw farms, and even to local waterfalls. This experience is memories worth repeating.


6.    Horse Riding: Another very interesting and relaxing adventure you can consider is horse riding at the Green Ranch on the trails at the shore of the beautiful Lake Bosomtwe and discovering off-the the beaten destinations.



We hope we have you a good idea of what to do in Ghana next time you’d like to visit. If you fancy a mixture of black heritage and leisure experiences, we got you! Why not join us From December 26th, 2021 to January 4th, 2021 to our December trip. To find out more email us at: or


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