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Dear Seychelles Attendees,


As the curator of the trip, I want to sincerely apologize for your travel experience in Seychelles. There were a mix of controllable and uncontrollable incidents within the yacht industry that resulted in an unfortunate experience for some. I will learn from these lessons and implement new practices moving forward. 


I did something new, in a new market, with a different product, and regrettably there were some shortcomings. This was an attempt to show our partners that we need to and could indeed add Africa to the portfolio. I had a learning curve with this destination and made decisions that affected the guests’ experiences in the end. 


I overreached and I apologize that parts of the experience did not achieve expectations as was intended like our other locations. I hear the communities’ concerns and questions of the Yacht ‘Nik product and will do my best to address them. I continue to search for and improve processes to meet the expectations of attendees. In my trips, I try to do new things not typically offered to minorities, and with that comes a lot of moving parts. I will also work on improving my team, partnerships and offerings to continue making the trips a vibe for the culture.


Next steps are working with the charter company to further resolve the issues of those attendees who had problems on the trip. 









  • Guest User · 2 months ago

    What was the purpose of sending out the Google docs earlier with our personal information in it? Sidenote: Black Travel Tube, can you open up the comments so we don't have to login to comment?

  • Guest User · 2 months ago

    Are you going to pay the "Influencers" from Croatia? There are a lot of unpaid people.

  • Guest User · 2 months ago

    Is the St. Lucia trip going to happen or not? Is this a Yachtweek trip or a Yachnik trip?

  • Guest User · 2 months ago

    1. Will there be refunds? When? 2. Why did you take someone else's Yacht? 3. What happened to the hostesses and the food? Captains? Djs? Private Parties? 4. Transfer fees and out of pocket fees were insane... discuss... 5. Gift bags? 6. Why did you delete the promo stuff from your IG and websites... GroupMes? 7. What is the Omega honor you speak of?

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