Ten best restaurants to eat Ghanaian local dishes 2023

Christina Belloge

It is nearly statistically accurate to wake up to a new restaurant every day in Ghana. This, therefore, clouds one's mind about which restaurant best serves one's preferred dish and satisfies service delivery demands, packaging among other things.


Looking for a vacation location is definitely not an easy task. Now you have landed yourself in Ghana or yet to come. How about we make the job of finding a location to eat the best local Ghanaian dishes easier for you? If you have already read our article on 5 MUST EAT GHANAIAN LOCAL DISHES, you probably have a few dishes in your bucket list. Stress ye not. From the continental edifices to the topiary spaces to the traditionally informed spaces, here are our top picks from the south to the north. Melanin Travels Magic presents to you our top ten (10) restaurants to get served the best local dishes in Ghana.


To read more and discover the top 10 best local restaurants in Ghana, click here: https://bit.ly/top10restaurantsghana


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