5 Must Eat Ghanaian Local dishes in 2023

Christina Belloge

Food! What unites a home better than the divine aroma of nature’s fruits tortured in blazing pans and pots? What fortifies a brotherhood either than the cutlery licking, and finger-licking remains of good flavours? What aside from business and leisure invite non-natives to seek a home in new lands either than the unfamiliar vapours of new dishes served in intriguing bowls, plates, and kitchenware? What simmers the anger of a body through its belly? What craft was learned and perfected by humans’ curiosity without the explicit guide of divinity on earth?


Aside from joining in your curiosities and tour plans, Melanin Travels Magic (MTM) is determined to hold your hand as we tour with you from places through to plates. For this reason, we serve you, our cherished patrons and prospects, five (5) must-eat local dishes from the west African superstar, Ghana.


Inasmuch as it is difficult to rate which of the local dishes could be described as Ghana’s favorite dish; it is however obvious the love for the first five to be mentioned in today’s article wins the hearts, souls, and bellies of many locals and foreigners alike.


To find out more about the 5 dishes to try during your next holidays in Ghana, click here: https://bit.ly/5ghaniandishes


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