I found out about Urban Excursion Weekend from some friends I visited when I was in Tampa

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I found out about Urban Excursion Weekend from some friends I visited when I was in Tampa. They travel all the time and knew that I did too. Everyone thought it would be a dope idea if we all go together and THAT it was! Urban Excursion Weekend is an annual adult destination trip held every Labor Day weekend in September and of course, destinations vary. Baecations and girls trips are nice but when you travel with a whole bunch of different like-minded people including your own friends it’s a crazy dope experience.


About St. Thomas:  The Urban Excursion Experience


St. Thomas was very nice. Friendly people and good vibes. We stayed at Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriot Beach Resort. I don’t know what I can say was the best thing about this resort but I really want to say it was the views. The room I got was pretty much a basic clean room with a balcony. The first room option they gave us wasn’t great and close to the construction but the staff was friendly and accommodated us right away. The food there was pretty good, breakfast was my favorite. There’s a beach on the property and about 3 pools including the infinity pool, which is amazing. There is also a fitness center to get your work out on but Urban Excursion usually features someone to do workouts in the morning on the beach. I sadly missed them but took advantage of the fitness center on the resort. My only con for the resort is that if you’re scary just like me, be ready to face those iguanas on the route down to the beach.


The group got to visit Coral World Ocean Park and I guess it was ok walking around seeing different wildlife. I got to watch a Sea Lion encounter and honestly, it just made me feel bad for the sea lion. Everyone was doing excursions and having the time of their lives as they should and I was in there running from iguanas. I was so relieved when it was time to have some fun on Coki Beach. I loveeeee the beach! There were iguanas there too but it just didn’t bother me as much. The DJ came and set up and we basically had our own beach party. Just thinking about it now makes my heart smile. Urban Excursion Weekend had some amazing events but sadly I was just a little too turnt to make it to them all. Overall, I truly had an amazing time and if I didn’t travel so much I would go on all the Urban Events Global trips.


Oh and for the fellas reading this, I just want you to know that one of my now favorite Nupes Kevin Knight is the one who started this movement. I say that to say, the trip was like 30 females to one guy. What else can you expect? LOL, I’m just teasing but you fellas might want to make this trip is all I’m saying. Networking, beautiful people and great vibes on a beach sound better than a concert to me on any day. I will definitely be in attendance once again this September and you should join me. If you want to know where we are headed to next, get all the information at www.urbaneventsglobal.com.


You can also follow  @UrbanEventsGlobal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. To get more information on Urban Excursion Weekend and all the other trips go on the website. There is no time like now!






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