Black Travel Tube was designed to elevate and unify the black travel experience around the world!

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269 Views, in conjunction with, presents the largest collection of Black Travel Influencers, Blogs, Videos (Vlogs), Group Travel events, and a Travel Directory (Greenbook of sorts) all in one place!  Already ranked in the top 25 Black Travel Blogs by Feedspot, this is a site and movement any travel influencer will want to be a part of!

Black Travel Tube was designed to elevate and unify the black travel experience around the world! Their directory can be used by travel agents, influencers, vetted tour companies, travel groups, etc…  For the Bloggers and YouTube stars, the site gives you the ability to post all of your content directly to the site for free, with links that click/track back to your original content.  Users can embed their videos directly from YouTube, and each blog will have a link directly to their site!  Win/Win!  The Bloggers’ clicks go up, the analytics skyrocket, and their personal brand is elevated!

For the group travel promoters out there, you have the ability to upload approved events to the site.  When someone searches for a country or location, they will be directed to any blog, video, and/or event that is related to that search!  Again, a one-stop shop for all things black travel!

Social Media? Of course, check out the hashtag #BlackTravelTube .  They also feature the bloggers, vloggers, and influencers on their social media pages for extra exposure!


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