It has taken me quite a while to write about this

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It has taken me quite a while to write about this. Maybe because I was still collecting facts, or I wasn’t sure I was ready yet. This is a country I have so much to say about because it has shown me all the goods and the bad a country can show. It’s a country I’ve been to several times, six times in total, both shortly and long enough to finish my one month visa stay. Note that Kenyan passport holders are granted free one month visa stay on arrival. Also, it’s a country in which I’ve met Africans from all over, good guys bad and the silent.

The first time I came to Malaysia, the country gave me mixed feelings. I had just traveled to Thailand for work and met a Kenyan lady there who few days after our knowing each other, she had to exit the country for visa change so she was traveling to Malaysia. She talked to me about it, I was intrigued on the idea of visiting and decided to follow suite despite me having a fresh Thailand visa. The need to see Malaysia creeped in me. I didn’t even care to think of the 24 hr cheap bus trip (yap! 24!), all I wanted was to go. Something I told myself I’m never doing again. The trip was ok. We reached the boarder, showed our passports, we were asked few questions with a very friendly Immigration Officer, and in we went.

Malaysian people in their traditional outfits.


You can immediately see the difference between the two countries right from the boarder. I think that road trip made me see the real difference because if I used a flight, I wouldn’t. So, yes, it came with a boomer advantage. Malaysia is so developed. For a minute you would question why it’s in the category of the 3rd world countries but you know, it has its reasons for that. I started seeing people of different origins. Muslims, Chinese, Indians both very dark skinned and pale, and one origin I had never seen before came to learn they were the Malays. Mmmh, it was strange to me. The People of Malaysia are from different origins, but the country is mostly filled with Malays, Chinese and Indians. A country of different cultures but mostly a Muslim country.

Then now we have the Africans in Malaysia. From my traveling, I think Malaysia is the country with the highest number of Africans in Asia Because 1)It’s a country with affordable good learning facilities so most Africans go to the country for studies. 2)It’s a beautiful country so we find many Africans traveling there for tourism and 3) It’s a country with strong ties to African given its heavy investment in the African continent so in a way it open doors to Africans than any other Asian country, or maybe that’s what is portrayed by the press and so we all want to see it like that….

African girls doing prostitution in Kuala Lumpur

The Africans immigrants in Malaysia are in big numbers. You might not see lots of them when you walk on the streets of let’s say Kuala Lumpur but they are there. The biggest number are students. As I mentioned, Africans come to Malaysia to study, something I have talked to a few and all would recommend the country for undergraduates but not post graduates. The other numbers are of those working and the illegal immigrants who came in as students, finished studies and just stayed to hustle their way of making money to make ends meet.

Life as an African immigrant in malaysia is tough. Really tough. Even as a traveler who comes and goes, that is a country I do not feel safe walking on its street being an African. I always have to watch my back. Those new in the country may not know or feel this at all but if you have been there several times and interacted with fellow Africans, you definitely will know how hard it is. I personally have had an incident where I was stoped by a police officer in casuals, have my bag meticulously searched, my phone messages read one by one, my passport checked page by page, (wouldn’t advise anyone to at any point leave her hotel room without a passport) and asked so many questions. Thank God to the briefings I had had previously from my fellow Africans I had met, this would have been very scary for me.

Africans need to really think twice before coming to Malaysia to stay.

First offs, Africans are never given jobs in Malaysia, I wonder why. Maybe because many other countries in Asia do not speak English so they offer foreigners jobs as English teachers while in Malaysia they all speak English. Don’t even bother looking for a job in that country. The possibility is close to none. Africans in Malaysia experience racism, discrimination, luck of employments, corruption and even molestation in very harsh ways. We have had cases where few have died when police officers ransacks buildings where Africans live in. Reason because most of the illegals there have done so much damage than good giving all Africans a bad name. So many yahoo boys from Africa in Malaysia. So many African prostitutes in Malaysia, some trafficked into the country not knowing what they really are going to do. So many scammers in Malaysia. And drug trafficking. All this builds up into generalization from the locals to all Africans then racism comes in. It’s so harsh that many are times they ain’t allowed to rent houses in certain sections, hence the crowding of Africans in one place that can allow them to rent condos. Anyone who’s had to find a new place to live understands how daunting it can be. Searching for a convenient location, setting up viewings, sifting up through paperwork and considering your budget take time and effort. It gets even more complicated when landlords don’t want tenants of your ethnicity – and you can’t even get a viewing. In Malaysia, Africans suffer most when it comes to racism in the property market.

“Do not rent houses to the Negros!” The words read.

Having said that, the country has its good sides. I find it easy to use Malaysia while traveling in Asia for visa change and business. By visa change I mean a country which would grant you entry as you renew your visa to your next destination. Immigration officers in Malaysia be it airport or road (remember my one time road trip? Ha!) to be very friendly, understanding and accommodative. Also Malaysia is a one of the countries in Asia that sells quality products. So if you are in business like myself or looking at doing one, it’s a good place to put an eye. And as for me, I always catch my flight home from Asia in Malaysia because it’s offers the most affordable flights compared to other Asian countries, so, mmmh, why not?!

I wouldn’t be writing this though, without stating and repeating to mention how bad few African individuals have tarnished our continents name in that country. And the Malaysian people do the worst by generalizing it and calling the wrong doers “Africans” instead of maybe using the persons’ country or just that persons’ name. I do not know how it was before but I can say for sure it’s not a country any African should consider moving to. Unless you are leaving home for studies, which of corse I would suggest, or with a ready job, which in my opinion, should be a good and well paying job. I would never advice any African to move to Malaysia. You will not have the respect you deserve as an individual going there looking for jobs or whatnots. It’s a country we go to for visa exchange like I do most of the times, or study or visit and see around then leave for home.

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