Dear Diary, Welcome to Mykonos!

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Mykonos is known as the party island. I knew I was in party zone based off the souvenir shops. Everything screamed, “Spring breakers come here”. Shirts said: “save a lollipop suck a ****” “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Mykonos” “beach dance drink party Mykonos” okay so I’m sure you get the idea this is definitely the party spot now.

Getting around:

*Taxis are limited on the island, especially during peak season. If you visit Mykonos you absolutely have to rent a quad/ATV. For just 30 euros a day, take time to ride around the entire island. You may get lost lol but it is so worth it! When you’re ready to find your way back, just pull over to nearby gas stations to ask for directions back to town. You can actually drive in one direction for miles and miles without getting lost; and you’ll see everything from beaches to local homes/schools etc. Must have a valid license to rent!

* 180° Sunset Bar: You can’t go to Mykonos without enjoying the breathtaking sunset here. The name says it all! I highly recommend you visit on your first night in case you want to go back for more. There is soft music playing in the background while you enjoy drinks and a light snack. Plan to eat before or after your visit. There are cushions on the floor with low tables for a different ambiance (dress accordingly). The drinks are a little pricey (15€) but the incredible views make up for that. Arrive early to get good seats and make sure you wear comfortable shoes because the walk isn’t so smooth. It seems difficult to find because there are signs with no arrows. Just keep walking towards the music!

*Windmills– you didn’t visit Mykonos if you don’t have a photo of the windmills. These are the most iconic landmarks on the island! It’s like you didn’t visit Paris if you don’t have a pic with the Eiffel Tower right? –yup it’s that serious. The windmills aren’t of much use as they used to be centuries ago, but they have been renovated and are now used as historic storage space and even private homes. The main windmills are located in Chora in Mykonos Town, which can be seen from multiple spots on the island. It sits on an open space near the water (where you can watch cruise ships come and go) and my favorite part; it’s free to visit.


The wind was not playing!

Shopping: Along with the windmills in Mykonos town, you will find all the shopping you need. Mostly all souvenir shopping, but there are plenty of fashion stores to visit! Mykonos town has everything you need; it is mixed with shopping, bars, restaurants, the beach etc.

Daily parties at Paradise Beach and Tropicana

I visited Mykonos in October and that is considered ‘off season’ to them. Tourism is very slow and most places were closing for the rest of the season so we didn’t get to experience the party life. We had that chance to visit Paradise Beach where there are usually daily parties starting at 4pm. There is a strip of restaurants/clubs right on the beach & there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas available to lie near the water. If you visit during peak season, you are guaranteed to have a good time here.

I made it into their family photo album!

Where to stay: It is best to find a place to stay as close to Mykonos Town as possible. Majority of your time will be spent there so the closer you are, the easier it will be to get around without needing transportation.

We stayed at the Alkyon Hotel in Mykonos Town. The staff was exceptional with providing information, calling transportation, and servicing all of our needs.

Where to eat: We made friends with the staff from D’Angelos Restaurant so we ended up dining there multiple times with them. The staff was amazing we didn’t want service from anywhere else! There are several restaurants all around Mykonos town. You will have to grab a 4 wheeler or taxi and ride outside of the town if you prefer a “hole in a wall authentic” restaurant.

A familiar taste in a new place!


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