Let’s kick off 2018 with my top 3 travel tips

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There’s countless reason why you should become #Teamcarryon here’s a few.  Avoiding Baggage fees! Airlines charge upwards of $35 for the 1st checked bag and more for additional pieces. Being team carry on would be money saved. Your bag is wherever you are! There’s comfort in knowing when I reach my destination so does my luggage. In March 2017 I traveled 10 days with the Osprey Porter 46  therefore it can be done.  YouTube has tons of packing hack videos such as 10 Packing Hacks. In light of the recent incidents that occurred at Atlanta’s Airport power outage and the JFK fiasco , passengers that were not #TeamcarryOn spent days (yes you read that right) separated and /or looking for their bags. As a proud member of #teamcarryon your bags would be with you and this crisis averted.


Travel programs such as TSA-PreCheck & Global Entry help make your flight travel experience smoother and saves you time.  TSA-PreCheck offers expedited screening at a majority of US Airports.  Global Entry offers expedited entry into the United States from International destinations. Global Entry does include TSA-PreCheck so this is the best bang for your buck. Yes they come at a cost but you can’t put a price on less hassle and time saved. Some other notable ones are Mobile Passport, CLEAR, and let’s not forget hotel rewards programs & car rental programs. Research and find the right travel program, that fits your travel needs and frequency. Most credit cards offer a reimbursement or discount for most of the programs mentioned above.

Tip 3: Travel During off-peak season 

Just as you shop during sales, traveling should be no different. When the Flight Deal posted a Norwegian Airlines (side note this is my favorite low-cost airline) sale to European destinations I was all over it. Europe has long been on my list of destinations to visit and I finally ceased the opportunity. My non stop round trip flight to Paris, France was less than $400. The deals can be to somewhere on top of your list or somewhere you hadn’t considered before, the savings are worth the look.

Some deal sites to check:




I hope my tips will encourage improved & cost-effective travels for you in 2018.

Happy & Safe Travels,

Orane Williams


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