If you prefer to fly, I also have some other tools that might help you save money

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If you prefer to fly, I also have some other tools that might help you save money.


A. Google flights


When I want to travel right away, but don’t really know where to go, I like to use google flight’s “Explore Map”. All you have to do is select dates, and it quickly maps out prices of flights to destinations around the globe.


B. Skyscanner


SkyScanner is a free website in which you can enter destination, dates, and preference filters (time of the day, airline, 1, 2 or nonstop…) and it will literally scan all available flights for you.


Moreover, you can sign up for alerts and the website will send you emails every day with price increases or drops on your flights. It helps you have a better idea on when to book your flight(s) for the best price.



C. Keep your parking and entertainment cost down


These last few tips are valid for traveling both by air and by plane.


1. Groupon for parking. I usually purchase airport parking a few days/ minutes before flying because it is most likely cheaper than airport rates.


2. Groupon for food. Try to avoid paying full price for food by using online coupons or ask your waiter for specials.


3. Taxes when shopping. If you are a shopaholic, try to ask around for the tax rate before shopping. Tax rates vary from state to state and sometimes it is better to wait until you get back home to purchase a certain item, but if tax is cheaper you should probably go ahead get it then.


I hope these tips help you save a few bucks and enable you to travel even more. If you have some money tips of yours you would like to share, please use the comment box.


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