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“Where you going now?”

As an avid traveler and adventurer, Kevin Knight is used to people asking him that question. Now, as the founding CEO of Urban Events Global (UEG), he creates travel experiences that have people asking that question of more and more Black professionals around the country.

Inspired by a camping trip he took with a small circle of friends years ago, Knight seeks to replicate the casual fun and fellowship he came to realize too many Black people were not experiencing. Although UEG’s camping events have grown to hundreds of attendees, Knight is determined to keep the environment simple, accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Because a single person with the means, time and desire to travel may not be able to arrange such adventures with their closest associates, Knight’s adventures are designed with the solo traveler in mind. While many couples and groups are part of every trip, a sizable percentage of the group is made up of solo travelers. Creating an environment in which strangers connect is part of the UEG charm.

Bring black folks together to have fun.

“It’s like a garden,” Knight says he advises his team. “You have to tend to it and pluck out the weeds.” In this case, the weeds are people who might seek to inject vulgar, materialistic or divisive energy into the atmosphere. He and business sidekick, Ashley Neal, monitor UEG social media platforms and feedback from travelers to stay on the lookout for any activity that might make travelers uncomfortable. Knight takes pride in the fact that once on the campgrounds, everyone appears just as they are: Folks who came to have a good time. No titles, no competition, no big “I’s” or little “U’s”, no exclusion. Knight says his mission is simple and consistent: Bring black folks together to have fun.

While Urban Events Global is a business venture, not all decisions are based on the goal of making a profit. Knight strives to convey that his aim is not to “nickel and dime” his customers.  There is no membership fee. Vendors who are attending the events may set up shop without a fee. There are no experience “levels”, such as VIP or Platinum status.

This open, casual and intentionally non-pretentious approach has attracted thousands of travelers to the various UEG trips and events over the years. What started out as an annual camping trip has evolved into a camping trip twice a year, an annual cruise and international trip and a variety of events sponsored in different locations. There are events for every budget and sense of adventure.

Ready to get in on the fun? You can start as soon as this month with the Urban Camp Weekend Fall Out happening Halloween weekend. After that, you can ring in the new year in Rio de Janiero, cruise to Cozumel next spring and/ or experience true African sunshine when the annual international excursion heads to South Africa in the summer.  Check out what folks have to say about Urban Events Global on their social media platforms and make plans to join the fun!


Also, stay connected to We are proud to partner with Kevin and Urban Events Global, bringing you news and announcements of upcoming ventures!


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