What Travelers should be doing Post-Covid-19

Alexandria Carswell

What Travelers should be doing Post-Covid-19

With all the uncertainty that’s going on at this point in our lives due to COVID-19. There are some things that I think we should be certain about. As a frequent traveler myself, I’ve been so eager to get back to traveling. However, in the same breath, I’ve been thinking of what new precautions I will take after this. So, I came up with a shortlist of what I think travelers should be doing post-COVID-19.

Are you Covered?

Being that I’ve embarked on more international trips these days travel insurance is something I need to invest in. It’s not much of a necessity to some travelers but it’s something you’ll be relieved to have when you need it. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing what type of travel insurance best fits you. One being age, the older you are the more expensive and vice versa. This is usually because the older the traveler is there is a higher chance of travel insurance being utilized.

Just to give an idea of what this type of insurance usually covers is tourist attacks, assaults, overseas deaths, medical reparation, baggage, digital nomads, and gear. With activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, volunteering… you get the gist. So to all the risk-takers this is especially for you. After doing research I found two different travel insurance companies that could possibly be a good fit for someone my age.

The first is World Nomads and is said to be the best for backpacking and long-term trips. You can get coverage just for the days that you’ll be traveling, and also extend as your traveling. There are two types of plans the standard plan and the explorer plan. It varies depending on your destination and the duration of the trip. Next is Allianz Travel said to be the largest travel insurance company. They offer more of a variety when it comes to picking plans. There’s an annual/Multi-trip plan for travelers who most likely travel year-round. Then for those who don’t travel as frequently, there is a single trip plan.

While both are really good options. The number one thing you want to look for is if the company covers exactly what you need. Below are some of the basic benefits from a basic plan.


Don’t Book before you read

Working in the industry for some time I have seen many instances where travelers are booking flights and have no idea what the fare rules are. They only know the basics being price, time, and location. As you can imagine at the beginning of the pandemic so many business travelers I worked with canceled flights and had no idea that their flights had such strict restrictions. As COVID-19 progressed, airlines eventually had no choice but to let up. However, when something other than a pandemic happens like a no-show, canceled flight, or schedule change, it helps to know what type of fare you have. That way you’re aware of what you can and can’t do.

If you’re someone who’s not fond of paying for anything outside of your ticket. Try to look for airlines that have lower change and cancellation fees. Which is usually the more cost-effective airlines. Southwest Airlines, one of my favorite airlines is the largest low-cost carrier. They’re the only airline that does not have any change or cancellation fees. Changes could be made 10 minutes before a scheduled departure. Even if you miss your flight you have an entire year to use ALL travel funds from that ticket. So, If you are a traveler who needs more flexibility and also wants to be more cost-effective be sure your not just selecting any fare, because 2020 has demonstrated that anything can happen.

Outside is open, but is it clean?

Out of all the hotels and Airbnb‘s I’ve stayed in I’ve probably taken the minimal amount of precaution when it comes to sanitizing the space. I usually travel with sanitary wipes and Lysol mini sprays and assume the space would be good after a little wipe down. However, with everything that has transpired I have been adding to my travel essentials list. This product isn’t necessarily a sanitary item but is something that could help with knowing whether accommodations are sanitized or cleaned properly.

It is the UV black-light flashlight detector for stains. This may seem a little extreme but I will rather be safe than sorry. I bought this light specifically for bedding, Like the pillows, we sleep on, the comforters we cover up with, and the carpets we sometimes walk bare feet on. I know traveling with personal linen could save me the hassle of being inspector Gadget, but I try to travel light. So, for the time being, I think the UV light , extra mini Lysol, and sanitary wipes will do just fine.

Credit Card ✔️

Secure the bag and protect your funds. When booking anything travel-related it is best to book with credit cards. Not everyone has a credit card, and that’s OK. But there is limited consumer protection when using a debit card. When using a credit card, you’re usually protected under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act. This is seen on the back of your credit card statements and has a record of all of your credit card transactions.

In the case of any type of theft, your personal liability for fraudulent charges on a credit card can’t exceed $50. However, on a debit card, you could be liable for $500 or more depending on how quickly you report the incident. Another bonus when using credit cards is you can Initiate a charge-back to your credit card company. This is used as a result of a business not providing a service and or declining a refund. The consumer is asking the bank to forcibly take money from that business account. This is only one bonus of many when it comes to owning a credit card. Do your research and choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

My final point of what I think travelers should do post Covid-19. Is to still live life as you wish. Don’t be afraid to explore, don’t be afraid to try new things. The same travel goals you made at the beginning of the year can be the same travel goals that you make happen after this pandemic is over. I know so many people have been wanting to travel and wanting to leave their living rooms. So, when outside really opens back up always take precautions but do not live in fear. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog post please feel free to leave comments. Tell me some things that you think travelers should do or be aware of post-COVID-19. Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel where You can find all my travel adventures. Love you guys, remember… stay safe and stay up! peace!!



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