Come To BELIZE With Me! | Vacation With Me | San Pedro 🇧🇿 | Secret Beach | Flight Attendant Vlogger

Come To BELIZE With Me! | Vacation With Me | San Pedro 🇧🇿 | Secret Beach | Flight Attendant Vlogger

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WATCH IN 4K Don't FORGET to give this video a THUMBS UP and please remember to SUBSCRIBE!! THANKS FOR WATCHING, ENJOY!! Board the ✈️ to 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Hey guys! In this video I traveled to Belize with some of my fellow flight attendant friends. We traveled the last week of February, at sort of the beginning of the coronavirus disease, before it became a pandemic. The country and the airline only wanted to know if we had traveled to China in the past 14 days. Please continue to support me on my journey and as always, ask as many questions as you like. // LET'S CONNECT!♥️💜 IG: FB: Twitter: Email: // MOST RECENT VIDEO // SUBSCRIBE // COMMON QUESTIONS Editor: iMovie Recorder: iPhone 11 Pro Max Tripod: Base: Denver International Airport Airline: Sorry! I can't mention // Some of my FAVORITE REDS💄 Juvia's Place - Afrik Maybelline - Pioneer - FEATURED The Lip Bar - Bawse Lady The Lip Bar - Cosmo The Lip Bar // MUSIC Song: Midnight Breeze Music provided by Anthouse Beats Page Link: * The opinions are my own and do not specifically reflect the views and opinions of the company* **This video contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links. Everything is my opinion and my content is not influenced by the brands. I really appreciate you being here and thank you for your support!** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: #dayinthelifeflightattendant, flight attendant real life #courttoofly, #sanpedrobelize, flying while sick, how to stay healthy while flying, life of a flight attendant, flight attendant, life of a flight attendant, flight attendant vlog, flight attendant life, travel vlogger, black travel, african american travel, black flight attendant, flight attendant vlogger, skywest, skywest airlines, flight attendant interview, skywest training, mainline flight attendant, a day in the life, stewardess, travel vlog, real life flight attendant, flight attendant schedule, cabin crew, air hostess, cabin attendant, how to travel, inflight, travel jobs, day in the life of a flight attendant, regional flight attendant, vlog, skywest interview questions, mainline flight attendants, regional carriers, mainline carriers, flight attendant interview video, face to face interview, how to interview as a flight, how I film, how to film on your phone, how to film like a pro, skywest flight attendant, life of an inflight crew member, what's in my lunch box, flight attendant lunch box, ebags crew cooler, flight attendant meal prep, flight attendant cooler, whats in my bag, cabin crew life, life of cabin crew, flight attendant interview questions, common flight attendant interview questions, black vlogger, black vloggers, day in my life as a flight attendant, commuting to work, commuting as a flight attendant, layover vlog, night routine, face routine, skincare routine, nighttime routine, hair routine for curly hair, hair routine for kinky hair, hair routine, get unready with me, get ready with me, haircare, haircare tips, haircare routine, natural hair, 3c hair, 4a hair, kinky hair, curly hair, fine hair, thick hair, twist out natural hair, twist in, protective style, natural hair products, 3c/4a blowout, belize, belize city, covid 19



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