How to get a Tourist Visa For Russia(U.S passport only)

How to get a Tourist Visa For Russia(U.S passport only)

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I will be traveling to Russia on March 16th. I wanted to put together a video tutorial for those who cannot apply in person at any of the 4 Consulates in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, or Houston. You'll need the following 5 items: 1: Passport: Must be signed, and must have 2 blank consecutive pages(excluding amendment pages), and must be valid for 6 months beyond your departure from Russia 2.Visa Suppor tletter(invitation letter): this can be obtained through a hotel, hostel or 3rd party. Your visa can be valid between 1 and 30 days if you don't get the 3 year multiple entry visa. I made mine valid for 30 days just to be safe. 3: Online visa application: Please ensure your responses are 100% accurate. On the question where it asks you to name every country you've been to over the past 10 years, just list the countries you've traveled to in your current passport. 4. 2 passport photos, which can be taken at any CVS or Walgreens 5. Order form for visa Express. See below. All of the fees are listed Use the following links: Visa support letter: Online Visa application: Visaexpress: Allianz travel insurance: Overall, this process is not cheap. Between all of the consular fees, shipping, photos, and support letter, it was a total of $378. I hope this helps!! follow me on Instagram @Ablackmanabroad



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