Teaching Abroad While Black [Black In China S2E8]

Teaching Abroad While Black [Black In China S2E8]

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Many western expatriates come to China to teach/instruct/educate in some formal or informal capacity. Some people work for training centers or "cram schools" and others at traditional public or private schools. Some expats even teach at the university level. In this episode we sit down with 10 teachers across 8 different cities, making an impact as foreign educators in the people's Republic of China. Black In China 黑人 在 中国 CAST (WeChat IDs): Jon (jonathanbutlerjr); Cordell (cordell7); David (David205); Jalisa (shandianxia28); Kaila (KailaSmith); Naomi (Nai-Angel); Sanethia (sanethia); Talia (Theterailife); Tyrell (TYUS91); Zalina (zalitia_32) MUSIC: Knox https://soundcloud.com/maevgrime SPONSORS: http://www.advancedamericantax.com http://blacklifechina.com http://www.leeshaluhair.fr http://www.blackhongkies.com/ http://getfarmagazine.com/ http://www.restlessfeet.co http://www.kmatikc.com KMATiKC™ / 龙酷凯 films™ www.KMATiKC.com ©2016 All Rights Reserved



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