"Where Am I?" Social Distancing Edition

"Where Am I?" Social Distancing Edition

Shaunte B. / 03/29/20

During this time of social distancing and multiple travel bans, times are hard for avid travelers. But, I may have a crutch to help us through this time. Let's play a travel-themed game that tests your geography knowledge while allowing you to see the sites of various cities, states, countries, and continents. "Where Am I?", the social distancing edition, gives visuals from a previous trip with clues such as flags, landmarks, and local trademarks and asks the viewers to guess, where am I? Think you know all 10? Email or message me, and the first 5 people who get all 10 correct and show proof that they are subscribed to the LiveLearnLove TravelAdventures channel, I will mail some sweet goodies from my most recent travels. Best of luck! Email: MsLiveLearnLove@gmail.com IG: www.instagram.com/MsLiveLearnLove FB: www.facebook.com/LiveLearnLoveTravelAdventures Blog: www.LiveLearnLoveTravelAdventures.com



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